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Резервуарное оборудование

Storage tanks VST with fixed roof

Design, manufacture and installation of steel structures of steel vertical cylindrical tanks with capacity from 100 to 50,000 m³

We carry out complex work in the field of oil and gas, oil refining and petrochemical industries:

  • R & D in the field of storage of petroleum and petroleum products;
  • Development of design documentation and design stage GLKM, SSD, WP, Method Statements for crane operation;
  • Production of equipment and construction of vertical and horizontal tanks, modular equipment, metal structures for various purposes;
  • installation and supervision of tanks and equipment;
  • Industry expertise tanks and pipelines.

Company ENS provides the manufacture and supply of high quality products, reliable in operation and competitive with Russian and foreign analogues.

The most popular vertical steel tanks VST, manufactured and supplied by our company:

    • tank vst 50000 
    • tank vst 20000 
    • tank vst 10000 
    • tank vst 5000 
    • tank vst 3000 
    • tank vst 2000 
    • tank vst 1000 
    • tank vst 900 
    • tank vst 800 
    • tank vst 700 
    • tank vst 600 
    • tank vst 500 
    • tank vst 400 
    • tank vst 300 
    • tank vst 200 
    • tank vst 100 

    The machinery consists of 174 pieces of equipment, allows you to perform the following operations:

    Metal processing:

    • horizontal boring and jig boring;
    • turning and screw machining with diameters up to 1000 mm;
    • Rotary-revolving with processing diameter up to 1400 mm;
    • milling machining of parts with dimensions of 1600 x 400 mm;
    • Surface treatment of parts with dimensions of 2000 x 400 mm;
    • circular with diameter of the parts to 200 mm and a length of 1000 mm;
    • drilling processing with a diameter up to 150 mm;
    • Belt processing with diameters up to 350 mm;
    • thermal gas cutting CNC machining sheet dimensions 100 x 2500 x 8000 mm;
    • hydraulic pressing force of 100 tons;
    • crank pressing force from 25 to 100 tons;
    • guillotine cutting sheets to 3,000 mm wide and 32 mm thick;
    • Plate-bending force of up to 160 tons;
    • rolling the sheet to 3,000 mm wide and 25 mm thick;
    • Specialized processing of aluminum profiles in the non-standard equipment.


    • argon arc;
    • point;
    • manual arc;
    • semi-automatic gas-shielded;
    • automatic submerged arc.


    • enamel painting and priming enamels;
    • Combined spraying;
    • sandblasting parts up to 3000 x 3000 x 12000 mm.

    Zinc coating:

    • thermal diffusion galvanizing;

    The total area covered 20,000 m2 of production premises. There is access tracks with the gantry crane capacity of 32 tons. for loading and unloading wagons.

    There are rails with transport truck carrying capacity 12 tons. for the movement of goods between shops spans.

    There are rails of the transport trolley carrying capacity of 16 tons. for the export of goods to the railway tracks under a gantry crane.

    Quality Management System Certification

    Certificate SRO

    Изготовление резервуаров VST 30000 м3 for Ltd. «ЧПК»
    Production of tanks for Tuapse Refinery, OJSC "OC" Rosneft "
    Production of tanks for the OPS "Kaleykino", OJSC "AK" Transneft "
    Tanks for oil pre-gathering point "Kaltasy" JSC "ANK "Bashneft"