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Резервуарное оборудование

Aluminum dome roofs for tanks

EnterNova Solutions offers design, manufacture and installation of aluminum dome roofs, used in the oil industry.

Aluminum dome roofs installed on refineries and tank farms, where the storage tank and the structural components of the products must be protected from environmental influences. Produced by our company aluminum dome roof complies with the latest European and international standards.

The advantages of using aluminum dome roofs for tanks

Aluminum dome roofs - rezervuarostroeniya future, especially because they can be used both on steel and on concrete tanks as circular, rectangular and so, both the old and the newly constructed. Their term of service exceeds the estimated useful lives of the tanks themselves, they do not require additional maintenance.

Replacing steel roofs on aluminum dome roofs to eliminate the process of hydrogen sulfide corrosion and the formation of the roof on it pyrophoric compounds.

If we compare the aluminum roof and steel, taking into account the value of its corrosion protection, the costs for small diameter is almost the same, but with a diameter of more than 30 m the cost of the aluminum dome becomes cheaper steel. We must also remember that even the best coating for steel tanks do not work more than 10 years and require subsequent repair.

The aluminum roof is in need of repair and maintenance during the entire period of operation, and used it in aluminum alloys have proven to be resistant to the environment, to the products of oil refining and petrochemistry and therefore do not require a protective coating.

Weight aluminum dome roof from 6 to 10 times less than the weight of a similar diameter for the steel roof, which means that the design of the tank it is possible to lay a lower cost to the vessel wall and its foundation.

Aluminum dome requires no columns in the tank and can be fitted with hatches, ladders, pipes metering, lighting and wall panels, walkways, which can be installed and dismantled the roof at any time without welding work.

Installation and lifting aluminum dome roof tank

Монтаж алюминиевой купольной крышиМонтаж алюминиевой купольной крышиМонтаж алюминиевой купольной крышиПодъем алюминиевой купольной крыши
General view of the sealed dome roof VST-1000 st.Murom JSC "Russian Railways"
Герметичная купольная крыша РВС
Connection of an aluminum dome roof deck with a wall
Socket for mounting the breathing valve
Патрубок для установки дыхательного клапана
Sealed aluminum dome roof VST-5000 
OPS "Ashit" JSC ANK "Bashneft"
Герметичная алюминиевая купольная крыша РВС-5000