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Резервуарное оборудование

Reservoirs and tanks for oil products

Резервуарный парк

The use of reservoirs for oil is unrealistic to limit one oil industry. Tanks for petroleum products are used in many sectors of agriculture and industry.

Production of containers for fuel requires deep skills and knowledge. Modern creation of project documentation allows to conduct the safety of oil products to date, is taken into account the installation of measuring equipment gas density, temperature regime, pressure during unloading and loading of products.

Demand in the market tanks, which are made of stainless steel and carbon steel. Highly durable steel and approach in the development of the project allows us to produce tanks for the storage of petroleum products with good quality output data. Oil-storage tanks complement the filling line, dispensing line, line deaeration line to lower the slurry pipe and a hatch for measurements.

Consumers choose steel tanks for petroleum and petroleum double-walled or triple. Space between the walls is thought out so that it had the ability to instantly mark depressurization of the inner container. Fill the space between the walls of an inert gas or a second fluid. Custom tanks for the oil pressure gauge complement or expansion tank with a pressure indicator in the interspace. When using single-walled containers in the form provided for installing it in a cement square or additional tray that can hold up to 30% of the main tank.

Petroleum tank can be equipped with additional design elements.