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Автомобильный и железнодорожный слив/налив жидких продуктов

Equipment for filling & drain of petroleum products

The EnterNova Solutions company is the official representative of the Russian and foreign producers of the equipment for discharge of filling oil products and oil.

One of the most optimum foreign producers who is represented by our company is the French company NAFTIS.

NAFTIS – one of leading companies of France with more than 25th summer experience in area of systems of filling. All made equipment, is certified according to quality management system of ISO 9001, system of certification of GOST P and a security system of GHESE.


Main types of the delivered equipment for discharge of filling oil products and the carried-out works:

  • Design, production, automation and full complete set of loading and/or unloading stations for automobile and railway tanks, "Full construction".
  • Production and supply of equipment for tankers and zhd tanks:
    • Sleeves of upper filling
    • Sleeves of the lower filling
    • Unloading sleeves (draining of oil products)
    • The soaking-up pipes for storage tanks

Scopes of above-mentioned equipment: liquid oil products, the liquefied oil gas and industrial gases, liquid chemical products.