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Station counting filling, for the loading of light and dark oil products

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Station of counting is designed for automatic filling high-performance, completely safe operations in accordance with the most stringent European regulations to implement railway oil loading.

The main advantages of the installation counting filling:

  • High level of automation,
  • Installation provides high loading capacity,
  • Convenience of operation,
  • High security for workers,
  • High ecological safety,
  • Automatic printing of documents,
  • Absence of leaks between the loading of products,
  • Communication with other systems.

These objectives are provided with the following characteristics Installation:

  • Up to 4 filling tubes for each railway track,
  • Simultaneous working count filling two railway tracks,
  • Significant movement of the loading pipe along the path axis, allowing pouring any type of railway tank
  • any type of railway tank,
  • Vertical movement of the loading tube, which provides immersion pipe into the product end during loading,
  • Collection and removal the vapors from the station for recycling.

Advantages of the railway counting loading of oil products:

High loading productivity.

High performance loading station provides railway tanks loading tube system. This equipment has the performance substantially 600 m3/h for each railway. Dimensions and weight of the equipment is such that it can be managed automatically, without human intervention

Reduced expenditures of labor.

Automation of basic operations provides reduction of time:

  • Moving railway tanks,
  • Movings pouring pipes,
  • Exact positioning railway tanks at the points of loading.

Safety of working.

  • Minimizing human involvement in the operations,
  • Preventing dangerous operations,
  • Automatic stop in the case of danger,
  • Collecting the vapors at the point loading.

Locking for preventing incorrect operations.

  • Interlocking pouring pipes and traction system,
  • Automatic measurements,
  • Automatic data printing,
  • Detection overflow,

Precise positioning railway tanks.

System of pouring pipes has a possibility of horizontal movement along an axis of a railway track. This movement is absolutely necessary for positioning the pouring pipes exactly over pouring pipe and at the same time - tank cars on scales .