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Aluminum pontoons "ALPON-02"

Aluminum pontoon - is simple and effective means  of reduction of losses by evaporation of oil and petroleum products from reservoirs and differs practical not consume.

Design, manufacture and installation of aluminum of pontoons "ALPON" for vertical tanks in volume up to 50 000 m3 inclusive.

Production of aluminum "ALPON" of pontoons for reservoirs carried on the technical conditions TS 3689-004-12739584-98 separate-dispatch nodes and details which are installed in the product at the installation site.

By cutting evaporation loss by up to 98%, pontoon quickly pays back the costs of its acquisition of. According to statistical data on the petrol reservoirs costs paid back in 6-8 months, and on the reservoirs with oil behind 14-15 months. Subsequently, the pontoon will continue to provide the stored product savings of at least 20 years.

The aluminum pontoon "ALPON" is easily the team structure, consisting of a frame formed by the beams with attached floats, providing buoyancy pontoons at least 200%. The frame is covered with an aluminum pontoon deck.To exclude the penetration  of vapor in space over a pontoons on the perimeter of is equipped with skirt, entire envelope of and constantly immersed in the product, creating a water seal. Weight aluminum pontoon "ALPON" ranges from 4.9 kg / m2 to 5.9 kg / m2, depending on the reservoir diameter.

Aluminium pontoons - an excellent choice for buildings reservoirs. In aluminum of pontoons can allocate advantages such as insignificant weight, corrosion resistance, maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant coating, long service life.

Pontoon is equipped with all necessary equipment for operation of the tank. The design of a pontoon is carried out in several options of executions: on a stationary support, on floating racks and on floating racks of variable height. To exclude the rotation of the pontoon during its operation in the construction provided for against turning devices (wire rope).

Aluminum pontoon equipped closures casings for guiding and samplers, passing through the pontoon.

On customer request aluminum pontoon is completed with additional nodes for reservoir equipment.

For every pontoon "ALPON" a binding project being developed, given the peculiarities of reservoir, the type of stored product, its temperature, etc.

First pontoons are made of aluminum "Alpon" alloys flawlessly are exploited from the mid 90s for gasoline (VST 5000 №131 JSC «Novo-Ufa Refinery") and oil (VST-10000 №4 NPS "Ryazan") reservoirs. Currently, more than 400 of pontoons are exploited in reservoirs with volume from 400 to 50 000 m3 for storage of oil and oil products.

Since 2007 JSC "Neftemontazhdiagnostika" manufacture and supply an upgraded design of the pontoon "ALPON-02" with the location of the nodes in a rack compounds of longitudinal and transverse beams. This solution allows excluding the transmission of loads from the rack for pontoon floats, thereby increasing reliability and durability designs.

With the aim improve the tanks for oil and oil products CJSC "Neftemontazhdiagnostika" in 2010 it has developed and now produces Combined pontoons frame which is made of aluminum alloy, and the flooring and the floats are executed from corrosion-resistant steel, which greatly improves the reliability and product life and reservoir in general.

The first of such of pontoons manufactured for a reservoir VST-1000 (D=10,43 m) №Р-21 OJSC " Gazprom Salavat neftekhim ".